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During September 2014 and with the kind support of his family, the Fort Purbrook ARC gained the call sign G3CNO, formerly of Albert 'Joe' Cake (SK), a well known and respected local radio amateur who lived in Wheatstone Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants.

Joe passed away in 2007 and would have been 100 years of age in December 2014. Joe was a member of the Portsmouth and District Amateur Radio Society.

As a Portsmouth-based club, the Fort Purbrook ARC is honoured to be allocated this call sign by Ofcom. Ongoing we will be using G3CNO as much as possible in respect of Joe's memory and are looking to activate G3CNO, initially using CW during April / May 2015.

Joe is fondly remembered by Fort Purbrook ARC members Peter G4NKX who used to visit Joe at Southsea and enjoy tea and cakes. Also Gary G3TMG who was taught CW by Joe. Also Mike G4PRG (SK) on Hayling Island knew Joe very well.

During his Royal Navy wartime service on Submarines, Joe (Leading Telegraphist Albert Charles Cake) received the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) in 1942.

The London Gazette of the day reported on it on the 17th July of the same year. Joe was known as ‘Bert’ in the Navy. Joe was one of the earliest members of the Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society (RNARS) founded at HMS Mercury back in 1960 and now based at HMS Collingwood.

The story of RNARS is here in an article entitled ‘A Brief History of the RNARS’ written by Wally Walker G4DIU and kindly supplied by Bill Mahoney G3TZM. Bill also wrote Joe’s Obituary and kindly supplied much of the above information together with some personal history.

Special thanks go to the RNARS for providing much of the above supporting documentation.

Joe had a lifelong interest in radio and the Fort Purbrook ARC is honoured to be able to keep the G3CNO callsign active, particularly from a club based in Portsmouth, Joe's home town.

Sincere thanks go to Joe's daughter Margaret, her husband Gordon G7IUE, and Margaret's brothers Ray and Jim for their support in assisting the Fort Purbrook ARC to gain Joe's G3CNO callsign. It is very much appreciated.

73 & 88 Fort Purbrook ARC

G3CNO QSL Cards .................................

Joe used to send Postcards as QSL Cards, and here are some examples sent by him for QSO's back in the 90s. The top four are from Joe's other 'Home Town' of Campbeltown, Argyllshire operating as GM3CNO and the bottom card from when Joe operated /P from Kendal in the Lake District.

QSL Cards kindly supplied by Peter G4NKX.

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