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Comment by Richard GW1JFV from nr. Haverfordwest (left on October 06, 2013)
Receiving your club station in West Wales this morning on 145.550 (R3-S1 with QSB).
73 to all
Richard - GW1JFV
Comment by Howard "Ted" Edwards GW4KFY from Near Llandudno, North Wales (left on September 22, 2013)
Very interesting article in PW Mag on your Field weekend.

Special greetings to G4XMJ whom I recognized as a former BBC Equipment Department colleague way back.
Greetings Geoff and congrats on a successful weekend there.
\"Ted\" Edwards GW4KFY

Comment by Edmund M0MNG (left on August 03, 2013)
Hello FPARC members and thank you for putting MX0GZN on the air at the end of July 2013. I was particularly pleased to work you on 2 meters FM, because I was using an antenna that was (1) homebrew (2) only a couple of meters above the ground and (3) not very good at all! I was pleasantly surprised that anybody could hear me at all actually!

I was also happy to be able to use the NoV to celebrate 100 years of the RSGB, meaning my callsign was MV0MNG at the time.

I have always been very impressed with FPARC ever since the beginning, when I read the article in Radcom two years ago. I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. The website looks very professional, and I have enjoyed
the Monday evening 2m SSB net on the two occasions that I have been able to take part.

I am glad the club is going from strength to strength and I hope to work MX0GZN again in the future, either on HF or VHF. 40 meters and 2 meters are my bands of choice!

Best 73
Edmund M0MNG
Comment by Mike G3SED from Nevada Portsmouth (left on July 21, 2013)
Hi Guys
great web site and fantastic looking club!

Just thought I would let you know we Have John Turner from ICOM UK at our showrooms next Wednesday 24th July 10am until 4PM demonstrating the NEW ICOM IC-7100 ( with 4m built in). It will be a good opportunity to meet John and to see the radio in action. Coffee and tea always available for Club members!!
Comment by Marc Robins M0HBE from Fareham (left on January 09, 2013)
Hello from Marc M0HBE / AD6MI
First time on you website...well done!
Comment by Geoff Turner G4SQJ from Chichester, West Sussex (left on November 04, 2012)
I have just recently restored my interest in amateur/ham radio after severeal years of inactivity. I renewed my liicence as a"one day I might go back to it". I then bought a couple of popular radio publications, and discovered quite a few changes had occurred since my last encounter with the hobby. I rejoined the R.S.G.B. and after reading a few RadComms, decided to rekindle my interest with what was once a major hobby of mine. One of the main changes I had noticed, but to some a fairly obvious one was the structure and licence layering. The other was the distinct lack of a radio club in the immediate vicinity of Chichester-there used to be one, but sadly appeared to be disbanded some time ago. I stumbled upon this we-site which I must say is first class, and in the not to distant future may get myself along to a club night. Best Regards 73's de Geoff (G4SQJ)
Comment by Paul ON2PCO from Riemst (near Dutch Belgian border) - JO20TT (left on April 21, 2012)
thanks Allan for the nice QSO a few minutes ago.

All the best for you and the rest of the M0GZN crew.

73, Paul - ON2PCO
a Dutchman in Belgium
Comment by Phil Manning G1LKJ from Aldershot (left on March 18, 2012)
Best wishes with the club and it's continued success.


Comment by Andy G0AYZ from Gosport (left on January 30, 2012)
Great web site.
Best of Luck for 2012 and the future.
73 Andy
Comment by Gareth G1DRG from York (left on January 06, 2012)
Just read your article in Radcom, best wishes with the new club from York Radio Club G4YRC, we hope to hear you sometime! And your website is an example of how things should be done.
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There are 30 comments in the guestbook, over 3 pages.
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